Get to know our Factory Manager Dilek

Who are you?

I’m Dilek Saglam, I am from Turkey and I speak Turkish, English, Dutch and German.

Tell me one fun fact about you

Being completely a big city person (from Istanbul), I was locked up in small town Wageningen, for 9 years due to my studies.

Since when do you work for Becanex? 

I work for the company since August 2019.

How would you describe your task in the company?

If I need to answer this question in one sentence, my primary task is leading production and formulation team. Being a start-up, of course we do manage lots of tasks related to R&D, Quality and Production as a whole team.

What are some challenges in your days at Becanex?

The technology we use is novel and the product itself as well. Consequently, we have only a limited amount of existing knowledge and the regulations are still in the grey zone. Therefore, even activities which usually are standard practises for many companies, are challenges in our business. In my opinion, ‘uncertainty’ is our biggest challenge.

What do you like about Becanex?

After many years of academic and professional work experience, I have the feeling that I am at the right place to transfer my gained skills. Additional to feeling of satisfaction with my role, I like the open and warm environment our team has created, the feeling of freedom, and working with people having completely different educational and cultural backgrounds.

What excites you about cannabis?

I find the idea of potentially improving the life of other people very exciting.

What was your biggest achievement in your (Becanex) career so far?

I cannot name just one specific achievement but hearing from our director that ‘I bring Becanex forward’ was a real big moment for me.

How do you spend your afternoon and evening after work?

After work, you can perhaps find me either cooking, playing with my cat Leyla, or practising piano in these days… If I am really tired, I will be laying on our couch and watching a movie with my boyfriend. In the no-corona days, I would spend as well much time outside with friends.

What are your goals for the future of the company? What would you like to achieve with your team orwhich kind of products would you like to work on in the future?

In general, I would be very satisfied if we can manage to build up the necessary knowledge in this field, which I see essential. Our more specific goal for the near future is to implement new technologies in our facility for tuning the composition of our formulations. We combine our scientific knowledge and practical needs, to deliver a premium quality product to our customers.