Extracting purity
for natural cannabis power.

Becanex extracts active ingredients and develops innovative drug delivery systems to give access to the healing power of cannabis.

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One-Step Extraction
for the purest results.

By extracting the richest spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes we create active ingredients for superior drug intake. Our patented One-Step Extraction method makes a plant identical extract and supports our mission: Don’t smoke – Drop!

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The perfect extract
for superior products.

The variety of cannabinoids and terpenes in our extract profile is unsurpassed and goes far beyond the well-known THC, CBD or CBG – we bring the plant into the bottle. Also, our extracts come with a uniquely mild taste and golden colour – patients do not only benefit from our plant-identical extracts but they can taste and smell the strains.

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Innovations for

We open ways to new applications by creating nature based solutions. Cannabis therapies do not only require plant-identical extracts, but also innovative drug delivery systems. That’s why our experienced team is teaming up with the best companies in their fields to combine our extracts with the best applications to serve patients’ needs.

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Extracting purity
for natural cannabis power.

Becanex extracts enable doctors and patients to benefit from all active ingredients of cannabis in a stable way: Don't smoke, Drop!

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