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At Becanex we listen carefully what doctors and patients are saying. We highly value their feedback and use it to improve our products. That is how we reached the gold standard of cannabis extracts. But our mission is not done here. We are working to understand better how cannabinoids, terpenes, and the entourage-effect work in our bodies. To improve our drug delivery offers and help patients to improve their quality of life. This keeps us motivated. Every single day.

Let’s talk collaboration.

The core DNA of Becanex is research and product development. Our team members are experienced and innovative product developers and experts in the field of cannabis extracts. But there is so much more needed to truly serve the patient and improve their quality of life. Please contact us if you have developed new drug delivery systems or when you need a partner to carry out clinical studies. We are committed to improve and double our range of solutions within the next three years.

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Becanex extracts enable doctors and patients to benefit from all active ingredients of cannabis in a stable way: Don't smoke, Drop!

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