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Our team guides you with extensive know-how to launch your individual product.

Product Development.

White Label Services.

Our list of white label services includes providing the container such as bottles or jars and handling the filling process. We can label the containers with your company logo at your request with the provision of a design. If needed, the service can extend as far as printing the labels and covering boxes with a design of your making.

Private Label Services.

Looking to add a little extra to your product? If you want to make your product special and unique, we can offer you a variety of options. This includes adding flavours other than our standard assortment, a specific terpene profile, or other ingredients to enhance well-being such as vitamins and minerals.

Cosmetics Regulation Services. 

Extracting purity
for natural hemp power.

Becanex extracts active ingredients to give
access to the healing power of hemp.

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