Produced locally

The core of our company is the quality of our ingredients. Everything we produce can be traced right back to the ground it came from. So why is that so important for your brand?

The answer is safety.

European authorities closely monitor hemp growth ensuring that unnatural processes such as GMO does not hit our shores. The hemp for our extract is grown exclusively in Europe. Our farmers use strains which have been grown legally and to the highest standards. The processes and techniques have been perfected for generations making it the safest for your customers and the safest for your business.

Quality Hemp depends on quality conditions. Weather, soil, sowing time and sun are crucial to producing our plants to the highest standard and these factors change every year everywhere. That’s why we have a network of expert farmers across Europe experienced to deal with every eventuality.  From the heart of Italy to western Romania to the sunny coasts of Spain, our farmers all have one thing in common: Their commitment to European agricultural and safety standards. We work closely with the farmers, conducting frequent quality control checks making sure that they are happy and have good working conditions. And of course, that the process from the seed to the final product is just right.

It takes a lot of precision and expertise to make a hemp plant into the final product: the biomass. This is when the hemp is dried and cleaned. Any mistake made in this crucial phase will lead to lower quality product directly affecting its taste and richness. During this period, farmers often work long hours and weekends because timing is everything. As soon as the farmers are ready, they provide us with a test batch. We then put the sample through a rigorous controlling phase in our facility. We explore taste, colour, composition and test for contaminants. Only when the biomass reaches our high standards do we buy from the farmer.

Each “harvest” of extract in our production facility represents the hard work, passion and precision of everyone involved, and we are very proud of that. Over the years, we have strengthened our existing relationships with our farmers while also forming new ones to gain fresh insights and broaden our network.

The extraction is done in our facility in Berlin-Adlershof, a well-known science and tech park in Germany’s capital. On about 600 m2 we first activate the cannabinoid acids. Then, in just one step, we extract the cannabinoids and then we have our product: Finally, we use our CBD extract to produce products on demand for our customers. From oils and cosmetics to CBD infused beverages & food.

Transparency is the key. We open our doors to visitors from all over Europe to discuss projects and products. We organize meet ups; trainings and we speak at events. Whether it’s a start up or a heavy weight, we are open to explore new ideas. Our passionate team and facility are there for all to see. And we expect the same from businesses we collaborate with.

This is us, that’s our story.

What’s yours?

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