Outstanding Technology

How do we extract?
Becanex uses a new generation extraction method. The principle is similar to CO2 technology. The solvent is added to the biomass and all desired compounds are extracted through compression. The solvent is then separated through expansion. However, when comparing this method to CO2 extraction, it employs milder process conditions as it operates at low temperature and low pressure.

What makes our method valuable?
Conventional extraction methods require further steps post extraction, namely fractionation (removing unwanted plant components) and purification (removing residue solvents). These additional steps lead to a loss of important compounds, in particular terpenes.

Our unique extraction method avoids these extra steps: Unwanted compounds are not extracted in the first place, but only desired ones. The solvent does not need to be removed in a separate step; instead, it just flows back into the solvent storage container through expansion. This way, our gentle method results in a product that contains the maximum amount of valuable compounds.