Digital event: Cannabis Berlin-Brandenburg on 15.12.2022 from 15:00 – 17:00.

“Legalisation of cannabis – economic perspectives and challenges”. The legalisation of cannabis in Germany is coming. By the end of the year, the federal government wants to present a first draft law. It will still take some time until legalisation is implemented, maybe 2023 or even 2024, but the debate on the social and economic … Read more

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Can Germany combine cannabis legalization with its Green Revolution?

Yes, by choosing sustainable open-field growing practices over in-door greenhouse cultivation Food quality systems already in place guarantee safe, high-quality products Cannabis legalization, the double green revolution? This may seem like a weird question when talking about the massive news last week that the upcoming coalition for the German government is set to legalize cannabis … Read more

Get to know our Business Development Manager Jiri

Who are you? I’m Jiri Kaan, I am from the Netherlands and I speak Dutch, German and English. I currently live and work remotely from Vienna. ‍ Tell me one fun fact about you I laid the floor in the very first office of Becanex. ‍ Since when do you work for Becanex? I have … Read more

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CBD and the Immune System: complex Interactions

There is a huge variety of small molecules in our body that help it function, day in, dayout. Some really well known ones are testosterone, estrogen and serotonin (theso-called ‘happy chemical’). In the 90s a group of scientists discovered that a group of these small molecules had a strong resemblance to cannabinoids, and that cannabinoids … Read more

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Get to know our Factory Manager Dilek

Who are you? I’m Dilek Saglam, I am from Turkey and I speak Turkish, English, Dutch and German. ‍ Tell me one fun fact about you Being completely a big city person (from Istanbul), I was locked up in small town Wageningen, for 9 years due to my studies. ‍ Since when do you work … Read more

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Mild Extraction for Premium CBD Oil

The way that cannabinoids are extracted from the plant has great influence on the quality of the CBD oil that is made with it. Our patent protected process is a one-step, low pressure, low temperature extraction process: we charge the biomass, push a button and harvest the extract. No further downstream processing of any sort is … Read more

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CBD scientific Round-Up

For both the general public as well as the scientific community the interest in CBD has grown immensely over the past years. Figure 1 shows the number of publications that contain the word ‘cannabidiol’ on PubMed (a database focused on medical research articles) as of May 2020, as a function of publication year. We see … Read more

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Outstanding Technology

How do we extract? Becanex uses a new generation extraction method. The principle is similar to CO2 technology. The solvent is added to the biomass and all desired compounds are extracted through compression. The solvent is then separated through expansion. However, when comparing this method to CO2 extraction, it employs milder process conditions as it … Read more

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Great Taste

Becanex natural hemp extracts are different The way that cannabinoids are extracted from the plant has great influence on the quality of the CBD oil that is made with it. Our unique process uses a range of solvents known as Phytosols. The solvent system, process methodology and critical parameters including: solvent/ biomass ratios, contact times, … Read more

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Extracting purity
for natural cannabis power.

Becanex extracts enable doctors and patients to benefit from all active ingredients of cannabis in a stable way: Don't smoke, Drop!

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