Introducing Becanex Zero THC

After months of hard work, Becanex is proud to present a truly broad spectrum and Zero THC CBD oil. It is now possible to mildly remove THC, while preserving other valuable plant compounds like CBC and CBG.

Consumers are using CBD oil as support for a wide variety of reasons. Current scientific research into the health benefits of CBD are promising and many people seem to benefit from it in the areas of anti‐stress, sleep and pain relief. Most consumers are looking for ”Full Spectrum CBD Oil”, because of the “Entourage Effect”, the mechanism by which cannabis compounds work together in the human body. Although THC plays an important role in this effect, there are legal concerns about THC levels in CBD oil. Becanex recently implement a fully food grade process to remove THC completely and Becanex “Natural Hemp Flavouring Preparation Zero THC” is now commercially available.

The CBD:THC ratio in legal European hemp varieties is currently (in optimal CBD strains) approximately 30:1. This means that a full spectrum CBD oil that is made from these strains cannot contain more than 6% CBD and with that less than 0.2% THC.

It is possible to use a technique called chromatographic separation to split up all plant compounds. Chromatography is a separation method in which the extract is dissolved in a liquid, the mobile phase. This is pumped over a solid, the stationary phase. The plant compounds are then separated from each other, because they have different affinity for either the mobile or the stationary phase. If you plot these different compounds over time (retention time), then you get a chromatogram. The following images are rough representation of hemp extract chromatograms. Full spectrum CBD extract contains CBD, THC and many other plant compounds as depicted below:

It is possible with chromatography to separate the CBD fraction from the other plant fractions as demonstrated below. This is the way CBD isolate is made.

Becanex Zero THC is made by removing the THC fraction from the other plant compounds in a very gentle and food grade way. With this process it is possible to create CBD oils that contain less than 0.01% THC and very high CBD concentrations. It is a “Broad Spectrum CBD Oil”, because we managed to maintain most of the other valuable plant compounds in our extract. If you are concerned about THC, then this product is perfectly suited for you. It also offers the possibility to make close-to-all-natural CBD oil with higher CBD concentrations.

Please contact Becanex via +49 151 56538829 or if you wish to learn more about our Zero THC products.