Digital event: Cannabis Berlin-Brandenburg on 15.12.2022 from 15:00 – 17:00.

“Legalisation of cannabis – economic perspectives and challenges”.

The legalisation of cannabis in Germany is coming. By the end of the year, the federal government wants to present a first draft law. It will still take some time until legalisation is implemented, maybe 2023 or even 2024, but the debate on the social and economic advantages and disadvantages has long been sparked.

During the event “Cannabis Berlin-Brandenburg” we aim to shed light on the economic aspects of the debate. What is the economic potential of legalisation, what are the perspectives for the commercial cannabis industry and what challenges are they confronted with?

These and other aspects will be examined from a macroeconomic perspective as well as from the perspective of various cannabis companies.

The meeting point will start with a keynote speech by Prof. Justus Haucap, author of a highly regarded study on the economic significance of cannabis legalisation. With further presentations by commercial providers, the coming legalisation and its perspectives will be examined from different angles. The event will end with a final discussion with the participating entrepreneurs.

Also Sebastian Kamphorst, CEO at Becanex GmbH, has been invited to speak during the event. He will mainly be speaking about the difference between recreational and medical cannabis, their target groups, and how to develop products that meet their unique needs.

We are looking forward to an exciting event and at the end of the meeting point you will have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers and discuss with them.

You can register via this link . The event will be taking place in German.