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Can Germany combine cannabis legalization with its Green Revolution?

Yes, by choosing sustainable open-field growing practices over in-door greenhouse ...
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Introducing Becanex Zero THC

After months of hard work, Becanex is proud to present ...
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Get to know our Customer Experience Manager Jiri

Who are you? I'm Jiri Kaan, I am from the ...
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Why GMP is not good enough for CBD Oil

There are a lot of worrying signals about the freely ...
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CBD and the Immune System: complex Interactions

There is a huge variety of small molecules in our ...
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Get to know our Factory Manager Dilek

Who are you? I'm Dilek Saglam, I am from Turkey ...
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Mild Extraction for Premium CBD Oil

The way that cannabinoids are extracted from the plant has ...
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CBD scientific Round-Up

For both the general public as well as the scientific ...
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Outstanding Technology

How do we extract? Becanex uses a new generation extraction ...
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Great Taste

Becanex natural hemp extracts are different The way that cannabinoids ...
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Extracting purity
for natural hemp power.

Becanex extracts active ingredients to give
access to the healing power of hemp.

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